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Harsh Darji
2 min readNov 14, 2021


Welcome to my Medium page!

What’s the story?

If I were to write an autobiography I would title it Dahanu to Downtown Chicago. I grew up in a small town by the Arabian sea called Dahanu where the primary occupation is fishing and agriculture and it had no colleges where I could pursue my interest in engineering. But fast forward to 2021, I am living and working in Downtown Chicago and I am grateful that my stars have aligned.

I graduated with a Masters in Applied Data Science from Syracuse University in 2020 and now I am working as an Analyst at Zoro.com and enriching product information as we build an endless aisle for our customers. I am also a learner, writer, fitness enthusiast, and most recently a blogger who believes in Chipotle supremacy.

My Values

Empathy: I am huge on empathy. I believe if you understand how someone was raised, you’ll understand why they behave in a certain way.

Levity: I am learning to not take myself too seriously. As Naval said, Don’t take yourself soo seriously, you’re just a monkey with a plan.

I am also learning to forgive myself for all the things that I thought I would achieve by 25 and now I am investing in playing a long-term game with myself.

What do I write about?

These days I am going down the rabbit hole of personal development and philosophy specifically stoicism so I am reading 100+ articles here. I am also exploring the consumer tech space one product feature at a time. So, you can expect to come across articles related to:

  1. Data Science — Product Analytics
  2. Book Summaries
  3. Life lessons that I have learned as an immigrant
  4. How-to Series (e.g: How to send an effective cold email..)



Harsh Darji

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