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My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live..

Harsh Darji
4 min readOct 24, 2022


Happy Monday fellas! I am writing this article after 15 months, I don’t know if you even remember me, but I hope you do. Last year, I focussed on learning new skills — creating visuals, storytelling, and most importantly, becoming content with myself. If I were to die tomorrow, I would accept death willingly because I am happy with where I am in life with everything I have. I have found a sense of calm in my life, and now I want to help you find it. Without further ado, let’s jump into today’s topic.

What’s this thing called confidence?

Some seem to be having it.

Some seem to be faking it.

Some seem to be lacking it.

But everybody seems to be talking about it.

Where the 🐣 do I get this confidence from?

Can I buy it off Amazon? Certainly not.

Can I learn it on YouTube? *starts binge-watching*

Can I borrow it from my friends? You wish.

Morpheus: Neo, confidence comes from within, so work on yourself.

What do you mean by that?

Will I become confident once I have six-pack abs?

Will I become confident once I read 50+ self-help books?

Will I become confident once I date a hot girl? (Oh yeah, please validate me.)

Why do I even need confidence?

Is it to impress someone?

Is it to talk to a cute girl at my favorite cafe?

Is it to speak in front of a camera and get them likes?

Okay, tighten your seat belt, and let’s get to the bottom.

We look at people in terms of hierarchy. As a rule, we put people with high social status on a pedestal. This kind of thinking creates a feeling that you are lacking something in your life and cannot do things until you have it.

Step 1. Start treating everyone equally.

Confidence is a feeling.

The feeling that there is nothing you lack.

That you are equipped with everything you need, both now and for the future.

How do I even feel I lack nothing when in reality, I lack everything?

Tap into your self-esteem.

Ask yourself difficult questions.

What does success mean to you?

What are your core beliefs and values?

What are the things that you have to offer to the world?

How often do you fall victim to other people’s opinions?

Step 2. Build the right mindset.

The good thing about building a new mindset is that anyone from any background, regardless of upbringing/social class/ability, can build it.

Free yourself from your ego.

Free yourself from external validation.

Free yourself from the tiny little monster in your head.

Image by Harsh Darji

Be okay with being laughed at.

Be okay with people not understanding your dream.

Be okay with the dude next to you lifting more weights.

Okay, now that I have this new mindset, do I have confidence?

Not yet, but you have done the 80% of the work, and the remaining 20% will come from practice. The big aha moments in life come from doing things. And the more aha moment you get in your life, the more confident you will become. It’s like Mario eating those mushrooms.

Step 3. Do the things you need to do.

Mark Manson once said, How do you get rid of ‘runner’s block?’ You go for a f*cking run. Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis and let inaction rob you of the opportunity to be great.

Image by Harsh Darji

Doing is faster than thinking.

Doing is the best way to demystify things.

Doing is the bulletproof way of building confidence.

Image by Janizs Ozolin on IG


all of us who are willing to treat everyone equally

all of us who are willing to build the right mindset

all of us who are willing to do the things we need to

To us, I say, greatness is coming.

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